Sophomore Beekeeper Course

A tactical guide to your second spring of keeping bees

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What is this Course?

This course is a 2 week long journey catered to the second year beekeeper.  It includes 2 modules containing training videos, demonstrations, Live Q&A, and downloadable manuals/plans,   There will be heavy emphasis placed on asking questions about concepts that you are still struggling with.

Who is this course for?

Before we tell you more about this one of a kind program, let us tell you exactly who this course is for:

• You’re a second year beekeeper with no shortage of ambition. You have your first season under your belt but you are still struggling with swarm prevention concepts, splits, honey harvesting and pest protection. 

You are still in this hobby for the bees rather than the honey even if it takes a little more work.

• You want more of an experience than sitting in the back of a classroom afraid to ask a "dumb question”            (hint: there are no dumb questions in our school).

• You have still not found or connected with the right mentor or bee club.

• You want step by step (tactical) instructions.  You don’t want someone to just TELL you how to do it. You want someone to SHOW you how to do it and you want to be able to go back and rewatch the procedure again and again.

• You’re ready to take an active and engaged role in managing your beehives.  No more are you just going to sit back and wonder what is going with your queens.

• You’re not interested in being told the 10 different ways you can do something.  You want to know the one way we do it year after year successfully. You’ll take a history lesson and get tons of opinions later after the course is over.  

Why was this Course Created?

This course is a culmination of 12 years of intense trial and error. Jay has had great success and also failure. He is an open book about this! Learn from his mistakes so you don’t repeat them. Throughout his time as a beekeeper Jay has also taught and coached many new hobbyists. He has seen where most struggle and where the common growing pains of beekeeping occur. This course is based on those coaching sessions!  He’ll show you shortcuts you can take to save yourself time and when you really have to pay attention to the details.

The Value of the Course:

At least 5 hours of video instruction 

1 year access to all videos & manuals in the library for the course

Bonus training materials in downloadable PDF format

Private access to online student community

1 Hour of live online Q&A session

Email support for the duration of the course

All for one payment of $57

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"The beekeeping class was well planned and well taught. Being able to learn from and speak with Jay who is experienced, patient, enthusiastic and who has probably seen it all, has been wonderful.

-Margaret B.

Meet Jay, your guide to the world of beekeeping

Beekeeper and educator on a mission to save the bees and help you go from new-bee to bee buff. After trading city life for a slower pace in Nashville, Tennessee his idea to have a few beehives in the backyard blossomed into hundreds of hives and a passion for educating and inspiring new beekeepers to take the plunge and approach beekeeping from a realistic and practical perspective. His honey has won national awards and has been featured on local and national TV and print media. Jay has a passion for coaching and teaching others and has successfully taught over 500 new beekeeping students. Jay will not only be your instructor, he'll be your partner/coach/cheerleader/confidant in your beekeeper journey. 

What transformations will this course bring?

By the end of this course you will:

• Have a better understanding of what equipment you'll need going into your second year and first honey harvest!

• Have a solid understanding of how your hive and your queen interact to make more bees and more honey.

• Know how to mark and raise your own queens.

• Know how to handle bee emergencies quickly and efficiently

• Know how and when to prevent swarming (how to become a "splits" master!)

• Know how to handle and spot pests without losing your hive

Right Now:

• You’re getting overwhelmed with how to handle a growing hives right before the flow.

• You have no idea what your varroa counts are and how you can find out.

• You’re not sure when to start swarm prevention.

• You haven’t been able to connect with a strong support group to get you through your second year beekeeping.

• You lack the confidence to manage your bees effectively as they grow and mature

With Our Help:

• You’ll know what you absolutely need (and don’t need) to keep your hives successful.

• You’ll be a member of a like minded group to help cheer you on during your first season.

• You’ll have the tactical playbook in your back pocket to refer to when a confusing situation occurs.

• You’ll have the confidence all your friends dream of every time you open up your hive for an inspection.

Get in the course with all the Buzz. 

All for one payment of $57 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Will the course be mostly self-directed or do you plan of giving personal feedback too?

This course is self-directed. Jay will be available at the live question and answer session and always available via email throughout the 2 weeks.  You will also have access to a closed group forum where you can chat with other students going through the course at the same time.


2. What if I can't make the live session with Jay?

You can submit your questions ahead of time and you will have access to the recording after the session.  

3. Can I receive a refund after payment if I change my mind?

For the Sophomore beekeeper course there are no refunds after the start of the course. Prior to the start, you may request a refund.

4. Can you guarantee specific results? 

Although we can’t guarantee specific results, we can guarantee that you will be better informed, better prepared, and more comfortable working your beehives with our training than reading a book or watching a youtube video.  We are most proud of the care and attention that you can expect to receive. This school can also be considered a safe space for learning. There are no dumb questions and you will get the feeling that we are all in this together!

5. How much information is covered every week?

You can expect between 3-5 topics to be covered every week. These will be taught in recorded videos with slides, still photos and field videos. In addition, all students will have access to the tactical beekeeping library which contains reference videos, teachable moments, and tips and tricks to use in your own apiary.

6. How long will I have access to the Tactical Beekeeping video library and course material? 

All students will have access to the material for one year from the start of the course.

7. I see that you guys also offer Tactical Beekeeper alerts via text message to notify me when you’re performing certain actions in the bee yard.  Is that program included in my course enrolment?

TBA is not included in the sophomore course but you can easily purchase that option by visiting our shop website here.

8. Where is the closed group of students in the class hosted?

Where is the class taught? The class takes place and is hosted on a powerful teaching platform called Kajabi.

9.  Where is the closed student group located? Is it on Facebook?

No. The closed group is located within the teaching platform on Kajabi. You will be given signup access upon course enrollment.


10. Is there anything else that I’ll be able to download in addition to the manual?

Yes!  There are inspection forms, handy guides, and construction plans for various projects you can perform in and around the bee yard.  

11.  Does completion of this course qualify me for the TAEP grant program?

No. This course does not satisfy your requirements of the TAEP program.

12.  Will completing this course make me a Master Beekeeper?

No. This course is just the next step in your beekeeping career. Expect to be learning for the rest of your life. The day you completely figure out bees is the day you’ll be done. ;)

13.  What supplies will I need to purchase for this course?

There are no supplies that are required to purchase before taking this course. Hopefully you still have your minimum of 2 hives from your first season.  Extra equipment is totally up to you.  You may consider buying a queen marking kit, queen rearing supplies, or an extra hive tool but these are not required.  

14.  How many hours per week can I expect to spend on this course?

You should expect to spend between 1 and 2 hours per week working through the lessons and reading the recommended material.


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Got any other questions?

Drop us a line here. We love talking bees and want tot make this hobby as fun and stress free as possible for our students.